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Add Racism - Multiply Despair

The American labor system has been shaped by historical White' male domination that continues to subordinate people of color and women. Working women of color are more vulnerable to racist and sexist employment practices than either working White women or working men of color. This is true because women of color have traditionally worked in employment positions lacking power, equal pay, or social prestige.

To add insult to injury, if women of color want legal redress, they are forced to use a legal construct that does not recognize the bias they face because of the combination of their race and gender.

The struggles to achieve social equality for women and people of color have repeatedly sacrificed the particular concerns and needs of women of color for the advancement of the larger group. Let's not even mention if the women are over 40!

Even as the economy has improved, existing disparities have kept black women at a perpetual disadvantage.

Additionally, not only do Black and Hispanic women have much higher unemployment rates than do white women, they have far less wealth than white women regardless of level of education. Dishearteningly, single white women without a college degree have $3,000 more in median wealth than single black women with a college degree! Single white women with a bachelor’s degree have seven times the wealth of their black counterparts, $35,000 and $5,000 in median wealth, respectively!

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