Program #4: The WE/40 IGNITE Initiative

Women are constantly being exhorted to lean in, to push the corporate envelope, to push their careers higher.  And they want to. Add starting and running a business into the mix and it can feel overwhelming and isolating.


When the going gets tough and being a founder becomes difficult, there is a way to combat loneliness:

Find an entrepreneurial community.

Other women entrepreneurs will understand the feeling – and know the importance of investing time and energy into a startup.  Until an entrepreneurial women-over-40 starts actively building her business, it is only then that she starts experiencing the loneliness.

There is power in social connection; it is the greatest predictor of success and happiness - especially for women.

The importance of relationships, especially relationships between women can not be under estimated in its overall benefit. Anyone who's been successful in their careers can attest to the power of networks, friendships, and communities of support.


When women find themselves in situations, within their workplace or businesses, where they feel alone, it is important that they know of and find networks of like minded entrepreneurial women who will cheer them on, not bring them down; help them get ahead, not hold them back; and connect them with beneficial contacts to help them succeed.

For those who are actively building businesses, BusyGal HELPS Foundation in association with BusyGal, LLC has created WE/40 IGNITE in order to connect women together while sparking the fire of free enterprise and sisterhood nationally.


WE/40 IGNITE aids women in making their business dreams come true by offering events, coaching, mentorship, masterminds, workshops, trainings and ongoing support — at all stages and phases of a women-over-40's business.


  • We are all Sisters...

  • By empowering one we empower all…

  • Work with integrity...

  • Always be authentic and find the beauty...

  • Recognize and take joy your sister's accomplishments…

  • Create hope & heart-centered connection with your sister…

  • Have an abundance of FUN... together!

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BusyGal HELPS Foundation

BusyGal HELPS Foundation exists to champion personal, entrepreneurial, civic, and professional opportunities and causes that empower Women Over 40 globally.

Location:  Dallas, Texas


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BusyGal HELPS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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