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Program #3: The 40 Veteran Women Over 40 Initiative

As a result of this oath and their service on our behalf, women veterans—like all veterans—want to establish successful careers and relationships after service and have their service to our nation acknowledged. The sacrifices they make are not always recognized or acknowledged, and women work hard to reconcile their societal roles as caregivers, mothers and wives with the warriors they are. BusyGal HELPS Foundation recognizing these sacrifices and struggles, honors the service of women and is working to support and empower women-over-40 veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.


Navigating the transition back into civilian life is difficult for any veteran.

The veteran mindset is mission oriented. This mindset can position veterans as excellent entrepreneurs due to the many life and death decisions and hazards they've had to navigate in their military careers.

Working with such veteran organizations such as Veteran Women Enterprise Center, V-WISE, IGNITE, CVOB, Boots to Business, and Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship, BusyGal HELPS Foundation will create an annual national initiative over the next 10 years, designed to teach and financially empower Forty Veteran Women-Over-40 in every state in the United States.

This initiative will ultimately prepare veteran women-over-40 with the tools and resources necessary to start and run successful businesses. Additionally, each woman will be pre-approved to apply for and receive an SBA backed $10,000 Start-up Loan three months AFTER successful completion of a self paced online curriculum approved by HELPS to get their individual businesses started.

Beginning first in Texas in 2020 with 40 would-be veteran women business owners, we project this educational initiative by year 5 will have served and trained up 600 veteran women entrepreneurs.

The first 5 cities we plan on targeting are Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Starting in Year 2, this initiative will have begun a groundswell of hope and opportunity for veteran women nationally as we will roll-out our services to include, California, Georgia, New York, and Florida.

Business ownership is a powerful tool that creates employment and boosts local, state, and national economies! By virtue of the realities of military life, veterans already have a developed skill set that most civilians lack such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, risk bearing, working in a team and self-reliance which make them natural entrepreneurs.

We will develop a rigorous candidate selection process in conjunction with national banks, the SBA, city WBDCs, and/or veterans organizations. We will choose 8 women per city to each receive a scholarship to enroll in this 9-12 month 80 hour online curriculum. These are the courses each veteran woman will be expected to complete within 365 Days to qualify for that $10,000 loan:


1. Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset

2. Components of Business Success

3. Business Communications

4. Personal Finance Management

5. Business Law and Taxation

6. Technology and Apps for Business

7. Business Finance

8. Raising Capital for Business

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