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Many people have the misguided idea that home-based businesses aren’t “real” businesses — like you’re somehow “less” of a success if you work from home instead of having a brick and mortar storefront. But according to survey data, business is booming for home-based entrepreneurs. 20 percent of home-based businesses make $100K-$500K per year — that’s a very comfortable income for anyone working from home!


There's no place like home.

There are 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S. — this means that starting a business from home is more common than one might expect!  Neighborhoods all around the United States are full of home-based entrepreneurs who are succeeding in business on their own terms, working from home.

According to Small Biz Trends, women are more likely than men (72% to 61%) to operate home-based businesses and 68% of those women business owners are still running their businesses from home after 3.5 years, compared to just 53% of men!  This is a sign that home-based businesses can be a good solution for women entrepreneurs who might have less access to startup capital, or who might be juggling the obligations of work and raising children or caring for family members.  Women often want more freedom and flexibility in starting a business, and running a business from home often enables them to have the best of both worlds — a substantial business income but with a flexible schedule.

There are however, still many women over 40 who are so economically disadvantaged that they do not have the financial resources to even invest the few hundred to couple thousand dollars it takes to get started in their home based business. 


That's where our home based business start up fund comes in.

BusyGal HELPS offers Home Based Business Start-up Funding for Women Over 40 who are interested in building home-based businesses.  We provide licensing opportunities to run potentially lucrative home based businesses in multi-billion dollar industries and markets utilizing the Market America | SHOP • COM Unfranchise Business Model.

Market America was started in 1992 as a means to empower entrepreneurs and has evolved into a global phenomenon.  They have leveled the playing field by giving the power back to the consumer, and helping home based entrepreneurs convert their spending into earning with a concept known as the Shopping Annuity through what is called the UnFranchise Business.  They license individuals to be able to represent and sell products and services in multi-billion dollar markets.  Utilizing the Market America Non Profit Organization fundraising model, BusyGal Helps Foundation is able to offer 4 areas of industry specialization to license women over 40 as business owners working from the comfort of their own home:

  1. Cosmetics and Skin Care Industry

  2. Website Development and Digital Marketing Solutions Industry, 

  3. Health and Wellness Products Industry, and

  4. Weight Loss Solutions Industry

Our Application Process

BusyGal HELPS Foundation provides Women Over 40 with the start up funding of $1000 Start Up Funding to get licensed by Market America to be able to build lucrative businesses of their own, via the Unfranchise Business platform


This funding will allow these new home-based business owners the opportunity to

1) register with Market America as a new distributor ($400),

2) provide them with a ticket to one of two conferences — The International Convention in Greensboro, NC or The World Conference in Miami, FL ($275), and give them 

3) a Start Up Kit for their area of interested specialization ($325).

Please read the Eligibility Criteria section below carefully to make sure you are eligible before proceeding.


It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to fill out this application, but you do not have to complete it in one sitting.  You will be able to save your work and continue later at your convenience.  Our application process is completely online.  We do not accept proposals sent in by email.  At this time our application forms are available on our site in English only.  

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant for this Award must ....

  1. Be a woman, age 40 or older (civilian or veteran)

  2. Be considered as Low-income (based on income guidelines listed below)

  3. Be a Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States.

  4. Have seen the Market America | SHOP•COM business plan and had an opportunity to get all your questions answered in a follow up session prior to applying for this award.

  5. Sign a statement of commitment to building your business utilizing this platform.

Key Selection Factors

  1. Your Interview with us and answers to our questions. 

  2. Your story or narrative about why you feel that running an UnFranchise business from your home is conducive to your goals and why you need this funding.


Income Guidelines

BusyGal HELPS' low-income eligibility is based on the student’s estimated household income for the last year (previous 12 months) coupled with your projected income for the next year (upcoming 12 months).  Our income guidelines come from the Department of Labor’s Lower Living Standard.


The figures below are updated each year by January 1st. 

2019 -2020 Income Guidelines.jpg

Income Guideline Chart

Compare your estimated household income for 2019-2020 with the figures in this chart to determine your eligibility.

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of BusyGal HELPS Foundation Grant Awards to make awards without regard to race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, or disability.


If you are a veteran, you must be able to provide proof such as digital copy of your DD214, DD256, DD257, or NGB22 that you can upload or provide your service number.  Veterans include all individuals who are retired from the US armed forces or who have been discharged (e.g., honorable, under honorable condition, general). Individuals dishonorably discharged or for bad conduct are not eligible to apply.  

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