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Entrepreneurship Out of Desperation Rather than Inspiration

Yes, unemployment is down now, but based on the research, we see that many women over 40, especially Black women over 40 are simply walking away from the job search now because they just can't find one!

The New Normal these days, is that these women are starting businesses of their own - in record numbers.

However, most lack the fundamental access to capital, practical knowledge, and business ownership experience  needed to really generate massive scale-ability for their businesses and wealth for their futures.

A Second Chance in the Second Chapter of Life

With such rampant ageism and sexism that seems to be part of businesses today, if women are passed over for career progression in favor of younger candidates, they are being denied a future and being condemned to a life of poverty!

Older women have soft skills, life experience coping strategies, empathy, intelligence and energy, which is of significant value to the workplace. However should the marketplace continue to deny these women a living - then striking out on their own is the most logic solution to the problem.

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