Women are constantly being exhorted to lean in, to push the corporate envelope, to push their careers higher. And they want to.  Add starting and running a business into the mix and it can feel overwhelming and isolating.  When the going gets tough and being a founder becomes difficult, there is a way to combat loneliness:

Find an entrepreneurial community.


BusyGal HELPS offers Women Business Owners Over 40 community, fellowship, friendships, and fun through WE/40 IGNITE.  We give out $1100 Event Participation Stipends for new business owners who want and need to attend these networking events but are unable due to financial constraints.


The importance of relationships, especially relationships between women can not be under estimated in its overall benefit. Anyone who's been successful in their careers can attest to the power of networks, friendships, and communities of support.  When women find themselves in situations, within their workplace or businesses, where they feel alone, it is important that they know of and find networks of like minded entrepreneurial women who will cheer them on, not bring them down; help them get ahead, not hold them back; and connect them with beneficial contacts to help them succeed.

We produce four different types of events throughout the calendar year which are scheduled  Monthly, Bi-Annually and Annually. 

The Leading Ladies Who Launch After Work Monthly Meet-Ups are free 2-hour events designed to introduce new participants to the world of BusyGal and create a friendly environment that welcomes and engages Women Over 40 who are Professionals, Executives, and/or Business Owners and those who want to be Business Owners. Our goal is to create a feeling of sisterhood and inspiration which benefits women entrepreneurs greatly. 

How to Join BusyGal:  The annual tax deductible investment to join is $250 when paid in full.  Membership allows you to purchase all branded BusyGal merchandise, attend all events, and purchase  business services such as social media, secretarial services, website design, digital marketing, and online education at 10% or more off the advertised price.​ 

The BusyGal HELPS Events Participation Stipend is $250.

Becoming BusyGals ($25 for members/$50 for non-members) is a monthly after work empowerment meeting (usually on Fridays) where we systematically break the bonds of limiting thoughts, attitudes and inaction that we all experience in life.  The format includes a guest speaker talking about something of relevance to building your business, a chosen member making a presentation about a products or services from their business, a 10 minute talk about a book we should all read to develop our inner CEO, a 10 min presentation about podcasts that we can all learn from, and ultimately time to get to know each other, and of course drink wine and nosh! 

This Stipend is $150 broken down @ $12.50 per event.  There are 12 events per year.

The BusyGal Mastermind Alliance (for members, $450 one time payment) meets every six months and is a 12 Week, 60 - 90 Minute Mastermind with the goal to build a place of TRUST, REPORE AND RELATIONSHIP where everyone is committed to process and each other.  A Mastermind is like having a board of directors where each person has a few minutes to get on the "HOT SEAT" and get immediate help for an immediate situation.  Different from coaching WE DO NOT GIVE ADVICE. Everyone teaches each other. Masterminds are different from a class or consultation because the agenda is owned by the group, not the facilitator.  Maximum number of participants per session is 7 people.  There will be a maximum number of 5 sessions every 6 months.

This Stipend is $225 which will go towards the down payment of the $450 fee for this event. You will owe $225 as a balance.


The BusyGal P.R.I.C.E. – Passionate Relevant Inspired Connected Empowered ($900 for members) meets annually and is a 12 week, 3-4 hour intensive Live Weekly Workshop.  It is specifically designed to help Entrepreneurial Women Over 40 re-focus and attain their goals and dreams in life.  Hinged on the belief that "It's NEVER Too Late!", this workshop is THE ULTIMATE 2ND CHANCE IN THE 2ND CHAPTER OF LIFE! In 12 Weeks, participants are transformed into the Purpose Driven Woman that they want to be because we inspire them to unleash their life's passion and finally understanding their authentic power to re-designed their lives on their own terms!

This Stipend is $450 which will go towards the down payment of the $900 fee for this event. You will owe $450 as a balance.

Our Application Process

BusyGal HELPS Foundation provides $1100 Events Participation Stipends for new business owners who want and need to attend networking events but are unable due to financial constraints.

Please read the Eligibility Criteria section below carefully to make sure you are eligible before proceeding.


It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to fill out this application, but you do not have to complete it in one sitting.  You will be able to save your work and continue later at your convenience.  Our application process is completely online.  We do not accept proposals sent in by email.  At this time our application forms are available on our site in English only.  

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant for this Award must ....

  1. Be a woman, age 40 or older

  2. Have started your business less than 18 months prior to this application being submitted.

  3. Must own a legally formed business entity in the United States as evidenced by having an EIN number.

  4. Be a Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States.

Key Selection Factors

  1. Tell us about your business and what its mission is.

  2. Your Goals and Why you need this Events Stipend.

  3. Your plan for reaching your goals.

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of BusyGal HELPS Foundation Grant Awards to make awards without regard to race, creed, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, or disability.


If you are a veteran, you must be able to provide proof such as digital copy of your DD214, DD256, DD257, or NGB22 that you can upload or provide your service number.  Veterans include all individuals who are retired from the US armed forces or who have been discharged (e.g., honorable, under honorable condition, general). Individuals dishonorably discharged or for bad conduct are not eligible to apply.  

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