About Us

When the Recession finally lifted between 2014 and 2016, it never lifted for millions of women over 40.  The pundits would have you believe that unemployment has decreased due to the job market opening up, however this is just not true. You can get employment as long as you are willing to holding down a job with no power, low pay, and absolutely no social prestige! The real reason that unemployment is down is that millions of Americans have left the workforce to strike out on their own as small business owners - specifically middle aged people - and leading the charge are Women Over 40!

BusyGal HELPS Foundation is a new 501(c)3 non profit located in Dallas, Texas.  We are creating a national organization that spearheads the development of a ROKU Television channel featuring original programming designed to inspire and encourage women to make the leap to entrepreneurship and provide them with a platform of affordable business services. These services include entrepreneurial education, access to capital, licensing and business opportunities, as well as coaching, mentorship and community building.  BusyGal HELPS Foundation is a solution for millions of Women Over 40 in this nation. Please consider either making a tax deductible donation or getting involved with the work that we are doing here, because ultimately,...

Her Enterprise Lifts People Significantly!

We believe all Women-Over-40 can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world as entrepreneurs.


Our Mission

BusyGal HELPS Foundation exists to champion personal, entrepreneurial, civic, and professional opportunities and causes that empower Women Over 40 globally.

HELPS = Her Enterprise Lifts People Significantly

Our Vision

We envision a world where women over 40 are not seen as "old to be put out to pasture" but rather as experienced, knowledgeable, and elevated; deserving of a 2nd chance in the 2nd chapter of life so as to fulfill their lives and dreams through personal growth, career opportunities, and entrepreneurial education and empowerment.


Our Core Values

  • Live with Purpose and Integrity

  • Be Authentic

  • Work with Passion

  • Be Hopeful

  • Have Fun

Our Core Services

  • Create Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Provide Access to Business Financing

  • Educate & Empower Women Over 40 Entrepreneurs

  • Serve Our Retired Female Veterans

  • Connect Women Through Networking & Events


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